Thursday, 4 August 2011

Creepy Apps for Android


Ranging from apps that seem designed with stalkers in mind, to apps that facilitate what looks a lot like prostitution, we found plenty of programs that vie for the “creepy” crow.
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SnapScouts is the perfect tool for budding fascists everywhere. The app lets you take pictures of anything that “looks suspicious” in your neighborhood, tag the photo, and then send it to SnapScout’s “super secret servers” where “trained security professionals” can vet them and decide on appropriate measures to take in response. The more “suspicious” the people in your photos are, the more prizes you win!
Alright, alright. It’s just a hoax. But we had you going there for a second

Okay--I downloaded this app to my PC, and without warning it installed a new toolbar on my browser. Aaaaaaaggh! Anyway, here’s how this gem of an app works: You upload pictures of yourself and your partner, and then MakeMeBabies uses “face recognition” technology to mash the two faces together into one child’s face.
But something goes wrong. The faces that the app creates don’t always look exactly human. The amalgamated face has all of the expected components in a predictable array, but something crucial is missing in the eyes--in place of a natural human gaze, there's just a cold, appraising stare. Bodysnatchers!
Similar to the popular Date Check app, which allows you to run a quick background check on a potential hook-up, Background Check from does, well, pretty much the same thing.
You get two choices: a background check or an email search. To trigger a background check, you enter the first and last name of the person of interest, and the app spits out any relevant data it has on the person's criminal record, property, relatives' and neighbors' names, and “also known as” aliases. To request an email search, you enter a person’s email address or select an address from your own address book, and the app seeks out any blogs, videos, photos, or social networking pages associated with that email address.
Background Check is advertised as "free" but really you get just one "comprehensive" check per month, and after that you have to pay $1.99 for a basic search.
This app is more dumb than creepy, but still... Baby Manager is the app of choice for mothers who are so obsessive that they want to report everything the kid drinks, eats, or poops every hour of every day. Then, after a given amount of time, Neurotic Mother can run analytics on all the data she’s collected, make potentially spurious determinations about the health of the baby, and pester the pediatrician with the details yet another Google-based diagnosis of an imaginary problem. And of course all the eating, sleeping, peeing, and pooping data can be shared with other neurotic mothers over Twitter and Facebook.