Saturday, 6 August 2011

How the WEB is changing toward in business and what does it affect us in terms of our thinking in 2030?

World Wide Web
Let’s know this, Google is the only in game town here; except six billion pages of maundering they have index and search engine if choice in China is Baidu. And same of social network or the twitter equivalent in China that put on 40 million users in two months. 

There is a lot space for innovative people to enter the market and actually again what we have with the WEB is the potential to get anywhere, anytime at the price this merging.

A clearly, technology as always changed ever since we have developed the first, first tool. You could argue that the brain has being been shaped and in our behaviours been shaped by the tools and assets technology that is available today.

I recon, this is not particularly new our mathematical notation did the same thing as they came along literately did the same thing.
I think off-loading certain source of ownerless memory and search task is exactly what we will do.
But the question is, do we still have the skills and ability to review, to critic, to generate new stuff? And that is the bit of Human being that will stay prime time.

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