Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Secret HTC Rhyme phone: For women or not?

Is HTC's new Rhyme phone, which is purple and comes with a light-up, cube-shaped charm, a women's device?

Some seemingly obvious signs, such as the phone's rich plum color and fashionable accessories, point to ‘yes'. But HTC appears determined to avoid that characterization. During the half-hour-long launch event the company held in New York City Tuesday morning, the words "women", "ladies" and "female" were not uttered once. In fact, all the language used by HTC and its launch partner, Verizon Wireless, was neutral. An anecdote about hunting for the phone inside a bag used the word ‘bag', not ‘purse'. or may be I could say another way of entertaining. And so on.

I would describe another way regardless "Gender" because everyone would like to try, experience what is new on the market! I guess.

Nevertheless, Another reason HTC isn't marketing the Rhyme as a women's phone, is because the device will come in three different colors, including blue and silver, when it is introduced globally in October.

For more information including the phone specs please see the link below

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