Wednesday, 23 November 2011

4G Delay in UK until 2013

We have revealed from BBC News today, that it will be a delay for the 4G mobile bandwidth until next two years in the UK. 4G is the fourth generation of cellular wireless standards. It is an inheritor to the 3G and 2G families of standards. However, 02 one of the mobile network operators in the United Kindom is now testing 4G connection in London. According to the BBC study, there's utterly massive different the current 3G connections and for 4G bandwidth in terms of speed downloading and performance. Elsewhere in the world, there're many countries, which're already accomplished 4G bandwidth, and we hope more countries would invest this brilliant bandwidth as time goes by. Please keep visiting this Blog, and we will update further on this news and considerably more related dispatch.

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  1. The sharing of the Business Mobiles networks belonging to Telef√≥nica, branded “O2” in the U.K. and Vodafone can go ahead, the U.K. Office of Fair Trading and Ofcom regulator has ruled. The two telco giants will now create a 50-50 joint venture called “Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure” (CTI), according to Rydal Communications.