Thursday, 24 November 2011

Lenovo 5-inch Android tablet leaks -Tablet wars

© from engaget "Lenovo 5-inch IdeaPad"
As time goes by, we “as end users” want something, which is portable, fashionable that we could squeeze into our pockets/ hand backs with fairly price. Well, it looks like Lenovo’s got you covered that. An anonymous tout sent the images to Engadget. And while there aren't that many specs, what I do know looks pretty good. All I have spotted on this device was, it has micro USB, a front-facing webcam and High Definition output. Furthermore, as I revealed from the engadget site that device won't be able to run the latest Android operating system such as a.k.a. Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwitch.
Lenovo’s tablet portfolio contains three devices, for the time being- to wit, the IdeaPad A1, IdeaPad K1 and ThinkPad. However, according to an Engadget exclusive, the vendor has plans to expand its tablet portfolio with the addition of a dual-core 5-inch android tablet. . Please keep checking this blog, and we will update more on this article.

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