Friday, 17 February 2012

Facebook is going public for $5bn

It has always been "The Money" that is right and now it’s going to public for $5bn. But the question how Facebook make profit? Facebook, which is used by members to brag, gas and large business firms, makes a lot of money. Last year is earned revenues of $3.7bn worth for operating income of 1.7bn. However, Facebook does not make money straight from its users (YOU), but from the service and features that they use, such as "Like" button was good news when they introduced and it has helped Facebook rake in advertising money, whilst social games like Farmville also boost its earnings.

Nevertheless, we "USERS" the question remains regarding Data Protection as Facebook recently unveiled the "TIMELINE" new features for personal life history. And now the advisement companies can easily target you personalise message due information they require is available from your profile and the activity you like/dislikes. Please leave your comments below box and share this article with your friends.
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SOURCE: Engaget

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