Friday, 13 April 2012

Sky to offer free WiFi to Sky Broadband customers

Isn't that sweet when you hear something is free; Everyone loves a free stuff, and we always like to please our reader and collect all news, including freebies. We have unveiled from SkyTV that the company announced plans to offer millions of its broadband customers unlimited access to a network of WiFi hotspots in the UK via its underling The Cloud.

About Cloud Wifi, it is a company owned by BSKYB, which also owns Sky TV Network. However, the Cloud is a leading public WiFi provider. The Cloud WiFi provides fast, reliable internet access via thousands of Cloud WiFi hotspots throughout the UK.

Least but not last, All Sky customers currently on Unlimited Broadband tariff, Sky Fibre Unlimited or Sky Connect will be able to download the free "Sky Cloud WiFi App," which will be available on Android and other platforms. This will enable you to scan for and automatically connect to Cloud WiFi hotspots on your tablet or smartphone up to six devices. It is just fantastic!
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                                   For Android USERS download the app: <<HERE>> 

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