Thursday, 29 November 2012

NASA lost an unencrypted laptop in car!

A Halloween October 13 2012, unencrypted NASA laptop stolen from an employee locked in a vehicle which contains unsecured personal data (Personal Identifier Information) on large number of people. However, it was password protected but not encrypted.

Unfortunately, password protected will prevent Operating System booting but all you have to do attach the hard drive to USB already booted system, and you have full access to the drive.
This was not first time as the organisation lost yet another unencrypted laptop back in March 2012 which containing sensitive data including a number of codes for international space station, names, GPAs, addresses, emails, etc.

Last but not least, the organisation issued direct order on 21st November 2012 prohibited a removal of computers from any NASA facility unless whole disk “Hard Drive” encrypted is enabled or all sensitive file individually encrypted.
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Note: If you reading this article and you have sensitive data in your laptop, remember to encrypt your data or encrypt individual necessary files in advance. .

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