Friday, 8 March 2013

T-Mobile/Orange customers face yet more price hikes

According Money Saving Expert site the Tmobile and Orange UK mobile network operaters increasing their prices by 3.3% from 9th of May 2013 onward, adding 79p a month to a typical fixed mobile contract . This is not the first time as joined companies already increased back March 2012 by 3.7% (Tmobile) and 4.34% (Orange). This is hidden in their terms and condition and not clearly advised consumers in advance before singing up their monthly contract. We recon fix means fix and prices should not be increased before then.

Who is affected?

Not all customers will be hit. Contracts which aren't affected include: 

  • Orange customers who signed up after 2 December 2012.
  • Orange business, Sim-only, works and "current pay monthly consumer" customers.
  • T-Mobile customers who signed up after 22 January 2013.
  • T-Mobile customers on 30-day Sim-only and the "current consumer" plans.
  • All customers on EE tariffs

 Are you affected by T-Mobile’s price hike? Or are you worried that your mobile operator might be next to raise prices? Then join Fix Mean Fix campaign led by Which? technology which due to revise by Ofcom14th March 2013. For more information please visit their website on

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Source:Money Saving Expert

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