Saturday, 10 September 2011

Sony Tablet S

The S1 is a beautiful tablet. Its wedge-shaped design makes it one of the most comfortable Honeycomb tablets in the current market. The 9.4-inch (1,280x768 pixels) touch screen offers great viewing angles and vivid colors, seemingly comparable to the Galaxy Tab 10.1. The back uses a subtle textured finish that offers a little extra grip and disguises smudges.

Whether it's a trick of the asymmetric design or some ingenious shrinking of the internal components, the S1 manages to feel relatively lightweight. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 still gets the prize for lightest design, but to Sony's credit, the S1 seems more durable while still maintaining a light and high-end feel. On the sides of the S1 you'll find a socket for the power adapter, along with a headphone jack, USB sync port, and buttons for power and volume.
please see below the overview video from Newegg TV.  

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