Thursday, 17 November 2011

Google to launch music service + FREE service

It’s been awhile since Google kept its music service as a trial “Beta” in the United Stated only to a limited people. Google reveals the detail of its music service today, and now it’s about the time to launch Google's music service to everyone in the States; let hope that Google rolls out this service globally soon. Regardless whatever device you're using, you can store, stream your music stream via the web or on the fly up to 20,000, right...for free. In addition to, the items you purchase as well; the songs and albums will be for sale in the Android Market. Google Music is compatible with Android and Apple iOS devices, and can also be accessed from PC browsers.
Remember, if you haven't got unlimited data plan on your device. You can still download your music off online so you can listen on the fly.

Please see Google’s press event in Los Angeles for more details..

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