Sunday, 27 November 2011

Scroll Essential Tablet PC Review -Update

Scroll 7-inch Tablet with Capacitive Screen
Here is a quick review for Scroll Essential Tablet that I posted the other day. And as I promised to fetch an update for this budget tablet, there you go. Furthermore, the major issue of this tablet is the resistive touch screen which doesn't feel as responsive to operate with the finger as a capacitive model, and you have to use with the pen that comes with. Therefore, it is tough to recommend. Nevertheless, in terms of surfing the Internet whilst you're sitting on your sofa, watching a movie on your bed will be ideal for this tablet; probably, for non tech folks. Unlike if you're looking for a high-end tablet, then you're looking forward to spending around £350-400 right. That's a big lump sum...right.

Thanks to , who uploaded on YouTube in May 2011; the current version of Android fairly up to date v2.3. While earlier versions of the tablet were released running Android 2.1. Please enjoy the quick review on Scroll Essential Tablet PC.

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