Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Cool Applications

Join.Me Logo
"Free, simple, fast online meetings. Share your screen instantly with anyone said by Join.ME". This is very useful tool and easy to use to get tech support from member of your family or anyone who's support IT industry. Join.me offers free online meetings for both personal and commercial use to up to 250 participants ..Thats is right– with no registration, plug-ins or accounts required. In addition to ‘pro’ version of the service with extended functionality is available for a monthly or annual subscription. This offers the same service as LogMeIn and It’s so easy to set up. Simply click on the link to join, and share the pin code with others. You can set up conference calls, and even give control of your pc to the user at the other end. Nevertheless, there will be some concerns over security but so far this looks like the best tool for remote conferencing invented we have ever seen.
 Price for pro: costing £18 per month or £190 per year in UK.
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