Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Microsoft gives Office a 2013 unveiled

Immediately after the Windows 8 release, it's no surprise that Microsoft is revealing its next Office suite. However, what may surprise us is that Office 2013 is not really designed for Windows 8. It's a suite with many remarkable enhancements, but it is not finger friendly though. 
Office 2013, as expected, is built to work on multiple types of devices, and as a result, the software has been crafted to work via touch, a stylus, mouse or keyboard. 

Microsoft will be selling them in the usual bundles for home, school and business use, but will also, for the first time, extend the Office 365 subscription to consumers. That means that, for a fixed monthly or annual fee, you will be able to access the latest Microsoft Office software on the Web, and download it on any device, including Macs and PCs, and whatever mobile devices where an Office software suite is currently available.

Please see the preview demo video from CNET below here to experience how it works on programs running on computers, a phone and a tablet.
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Source: Microsoft

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