Friday, 14 September 2012

Sony Xperia Tablet S

Sony has released yet another new tablet Sony Xperia Tablet S this is a follow up improved version they have released early last year 2011 Sony Tablet S. They have only announed the US version of the tablet for the timebeing and yet to be confirmed the UK prices and availability. 


Inside, a quad-core Tegra 3 is now running the show, which is good since last year's had some serious lag problems. Ports include a full-sized SD card slot, USB, and HDMI (with a dongle). It has an 8MP camera on the back and a 1MP camera on the front. It also supports DLNA for beaming you media to other devices.
The Xperia Tablet S is a 9.4-inch Android tablet running Ice Cream Sandwich. It has 1280x800 resolution (that has become an Android tablet standard). The IPS screen looked brighter and crisper than last year's dim version, and it has an anti-fingerprint coating.The Xperia Tablet S has an infrared sensor compatible with almost all TVs, Blu-ray players and recorders.

Price and release date

 The Xperia Tablet S will be available in US on September 7th and will come in three sizes: 16GB for $400, 32GB for $500, and 64GB for $600. However, in the UK it will be available mid September eventhough It's available for pre-order now and it should be arriving in physical shops at the beginning of October.
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Source: CNET

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