Thursday, 13 February 2014

Comcast wants to turn your home router into a public Wi-Fi hotspot

The worst carrier in the US
That's the story Comcast is hoping to tell as it attempts to turn its massive customer base into an unprecedented public Wi-Fi network, potentially eliminating the need for cellular service in some areas. But at a time of heightened online privacy concerns, the company faces the challenge of getting its customers on board.

What you need to know

-- The modems. Certain newer broadband Comcast modems double as Wi-Fi routers and build in that public-hotspot feature. Such devices are called "wireless gateways."
If you are not certain if your device has these features, you have a couple of ways to check this.
One is to search for a Wi-Fi network called "xfinitywifi" in your vicinity. If the network's signal is strong, it is likely emanating from your router.
Confirm this by logging in to your Xfinity account at Click "my account" at the top. On the next page, click "users and preferences" at the top.
On the next page, look for the "service address" section, and see if a "manage Xfinity Wi-fi" link is immediately below that. If it is, you do have a home-hotspot option. Clicking the link leads to a pop-up control panel for turning the home-hotspot feature on and off.

Are you worried?

  1. Call the Comcast customer service and request to opt out. 
  2. You also have the option to switch this public-hotspot feature off even though Comcast does not want you to do so. The choice is entirely yours, and don't let Comcast tell you otherwise.
Bottom Line
if you willing to sign up with Comcast services in the US check your terms and conditions before you join them otherwise seek advice if you need to opt out this option from your home router. please leave you comments below and share your experience with us this matter.

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